• Hanyang University

    Hanyang University is Korean university located in the city center of Seoul.
    It was founded in 1939 and the actual President is Lim Duck-ho.

    Hanyang University
    Hanyang's location in Seoul

    Hanyang University

    In Hanyang University there are more than 35 000 students in different studies’ divisions: Engineering, Social Sciences, Humanities, Music, Law, Sports, Arts, Biology, Medicine, Business…

    On the campus we can find various building, each with different function. There are an international hospital, restaurants, an Institute of Technology, a Business School, stores (clothes, food, books…), a post office, gymnasiums, and even a subway station (Hanyang owe its owns subway station). So, Hanyang University’s campus is composed by more than 60 buildings, of any size and any shape.
    The University possesses another campus, far from the city center named ERICA. This one is more specialized in engineering and sciences.  


    Hanyang University Hanyang University Hanyang University

    Administration buildings in Hanyang University's enter and the Hanyang University Subway Station (below the sign in the exit of Hanyang's Subway)

    Hanyang University


    Hanyang University

    Hanyang Campus map


    On Friday 27th of February, all incoming students were invited to the OT (Orientation).  Orientation’s aim was to explain us the progress of the semester and all administrative things that we have to archive. It was in a same time very interesting and quiet stressful because we have lots of things to accomplish. We also had the presentation of Hanyang’s associations, received a Seoul city guide and an explanatory book about life in Korea.

    After the OT I met my Korean Mentor ! His name is Gun Hyung
    , he's 26 years old and his major is Industrial Engineering. He is very kind, very helpful : he helped me with some boring administration stuffs and introduced me Korean meal (I apologize, I don't remember names at all, too hard) !
    The mentoring program is lead by a Hanyang Association named H.I.V.A. It organized, last Thursday in the evening a welcoming event betwenn Mentor and Menty, it was fun, I met a lot of Korean and Foreign people !!




    Hanyang University


    Hanyang University

    My main building : Hanyang School of Business


    I take four courses: International Business, Marketing Management, English Communication and Survival Korean.
    - International Business and Marketing Management are theory classes, we are more than 50 students and courses take place in smalls amphitheaters. In both case, there are almost 60% of Koreans students and 40% of foreign students (mostly French ones).
    - This is "worth" in English Communication class because I was at the beginning the only foreign student for almost 25 Koreans students (but after 3 courses two other foreign students joined). This course is in small group in order that we can improve best our English level.
    - On the other hand, Survival Korean course is only composed by foreign students.


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