• Haru Haru number five : Ninon 선생님 ? -My internship-

    Today, I will briefly introduce you my internship.

    For tell the trust, is not easy to find something here in Korea, especially because I do not speak enough Korean for daily life jobs/internships. And, I was also a bit disappointed, because when we learned that internship will be obligatory for us this year, I was quiet sure that the school will really help us to find one, but it was not really like that at all. Yes, I know, we are young adults, we have to be autonomous, take initiatives but still, we are not yet very qualified being just in second year. For internship, here in Korea we were in “competition” with other students often in master or other, so they were of course advantaged … But whatever, after many research and interviews I finally find the something!
    I do not regret at all my choice, this internship was just perfect !

    So, what was it ?
    I was a CEV for the UNESCO CCAP program.
    Hum, but what all that mean ?
    I was a Cultural Exchange Volunteer for the UNESCO Cross Cultural Awareness Program.
    Ok, and clearly ?
    I was a School teacher, who taught about French culture.

    CCAP UNESCO Korea invited foreign residents in Korea to share their culture with Korean youths.  
    As a CEV I was asked by school  to visit them (from Elementary until High School), and present French culture to the Korean students.
    But I was not alone here, I do it in collaboration with a Korean Interpretation Volunteer (KIV), in order that she/he can translate my presentation in Korean because all students do not have the same English level, so translation is needed.
    The presentations can last between 90 to 180 minutes depending of student’s grade.
    During these last many points about France like traditions, activities, history, cities, cooking… Usually, I made a presentation’s prototype, and then, the teacher ask me precise topics or activities regarding students wants and knowledges. The class preparation is often long because I have to prepare content, activities, games, food cooking, and have some meetings with my KIV and teacher.

    Until now, I conducted numerous class, mostly in Elementary School, and one in Middle School.
    It was very interesting, especially in Elementary School where kids are soooooo cute and dare ask weird questions, which is always very funny ! Whereas teenagers are more bored and sleepy…
    I was surprised about the knowledge that children can have about France and our culture. They know a lot about it, more than I expected !

    I am very glad of these CCAP experiences, because I had the chance to learn a lot about Korean culture and education system. And even if it was sometimes stressful and very long to prepare, class always went well and children seems to enjoy it as I was.
    I did it during 3 months and I would love do it again, it was not enough !



    Haru Haru number five : Ninon 선생님 ?   -My internship-
    Here in Middle School


    Haru Haru number five : Ninon 선생님 ?   -My internship-    Haru Haru number five : Ninon 선생님 ?   -My internship-
    Still in the Middle School during the presentation and then during the cooking activity where I made Crêpes (which was hard with Koreans ingredients haha)


    Haru Haru number five : Ninon 선생님 ?   -My internship- 
    From three different Elementary School classes


    Haru Haru number five : Ninon 선생님 ?   -My internship-

    Haru Haru number five : Ninon 선생님 ?   -My internship-



    PS: Ninon 선생님 (sonséngnim) 
    This literally means Professor Ninon, and was how the students called me during classes. It was funny to be called as this, as a teacher haha

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