• Haru Haru number one : Korean school, studies, classes...

    At the first sight and after three week of classes, the functioning way of classes seems to by different here in Korea than ours in France.

    First difference: the way of teaching of the professor. Professors are really interested and attentive about student’s needs (more than in France, sorry …). They seems to want to learn about each student and ask questions about them. For example, when she take the register, my English Communication teacher always ask at all students how are they, and what are the problems. She is very involved in the student’s mood. She even take appointments with some students in order to speak to them when they seem to have problems. 

    Second difference: the student’s behaviour. In Korea, studies are very important and parents invests a lot in their children’s education. Because of that, Korean students work really hard and are very attentive. They ask many question, are very concentrate, note-taker and participate a lot (even more when the participation is grading). They are essentially quiet and listen carefully the teacher without chatting with their neighbourhoods. Classroom are so quiet and concentrate, it’s so strange!

    Third difference: grading. At Hanyang University grading system is different from ESDES’s one. Here, grades go of A to F, and for succeed we need to have C (approximately 70%). In the grade all count: attendance, oral participation, mid-term, final exam, homework...

    Fourth difference: the importance of sports. Here at Hanyang most of students practicing a sport whether it’s Baseball (very famous in Korea), Basketball, Soccer, Taekwondo, Dance, American Football and lot more ! We can see all day long, even late in the evening some people playing or practicing their sports in the big main field located in the Campus’ center or in the numerous small one that we can find everywhere. 

    Fifth difference, connected to the fourth: the importance of school’s activities. We can observe that thanks to the various and great number of Hanyang’s associations. There are more than 50 and are of all kind. Last week there was the “Association Recruiting” (which is similar to our Association Forum) and I had observed lots of interesting and funny associations regarding: painting, music, break dance, sciences, fashion, sports of course, rally cars constructors, board games and even FIRE-EATER!

    Haru Haru one : Korean school, studies, classes...

    Hanyang Association Recruiting, view by SBS TV journal

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