• Haru haru number three : I hate spicy food -Korean Food-

    All is in the title, yes actually, I don't especially like spicy food! I like when the food is a bit spicy in order to season the taste, so in France, I have no problem about it, but here … This is another story.
    In general, the main Korean meal are so spicy (like most Asian’s countries, they seem to love spicy things) !

    Kimchi is one of the most famous and widespread meal in Korea, it’s present at all table at home or in restaurants! If you come here, you can’t miss it. And of course, as a typical Korean food, Kimchi is spicy … It depend of the way of cooking, but it can be really really spicy ! It’s too bad (for me) because without these species it would be great ! Even if, with time I am more and more used to spicy food, so I can eat Kimchi without problems ! 
    Just for the info : Kimchi is a fermented dish made of vegetables : nappa cabbage, scallions, ginger, radish, garlic and brine.

    Haru haru number three : I hate spicy food  -Korean Food- Haru haru number three : I hate spicy food  -Korean Food- 


    One other main dish is the Bibimbap, it’s composed by rice, season’s vegetables, chili pepper paste, soy sauce,and you can also find beef or egg on the top of it. This one is less spicy because of the rice but it’s still a little bit. Hopefully, we can ask to don't have a lot of spicy chili sauce ! And with just a bit of spicy, Bibimbap is delicious !!

    Haru haru number three : I hate spicy food  -Korean Food-




    Moreover, further that I don't like too much spicy food, I am allergic to seafood! And guess what, seafood are also, mains dishes here in Korea! Yes, at this time of the article you maybe wonder why I came here ? Don’t worry, I love rice, chicken, pork and lots of other meal present in Korea.
    So, yes in Korea seafood are mainly present in meals, you can find it everywhere: in soup, noodles, sandwiches, sushi and salads. Yes, because, I don’t really speak Korean, and here almost all menus in restaurants are in Korean, so I have to guess right!


    Haru haru number three : I hate spicy food  -Korean Food-   Haru haru number three : I hate spicy food  -Korean Food-

                                                              (Yummy Yummy ..)                 Like Kimchi, Seafoods are everywhere, here noodles 


    Thanks to all that, I was able to realize the enormous importance and impact of the packaging in stores. For example, with red packaging, I guess that it risks to be spicy. Here as a foreign people the packaging is really a main element in order to realize choices at the supermarket, because we don’t understand brand (except worldwide one), slogan, ingredients… 

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