• Haru haru number two : Avoid number 4 -Korean custom-

    Yesterday I learned a strange Korean custom about the number 4!
    Here, in Korean the number 4 brings bad luck and even more …  

    Yes, unfortunately if you are born on the 4th April, is quiet a bad start for you here in Korea !

    But why is 4 a bad number? The reason is simple, in Korean the word 4 (사  :“sa” in Korean) have the same pronunciation than DEATH (also “sa”) and quiet the same writing! 


    In order to avoid number 4, Korean developed certain stratagems:


     First avoid do important things on the 4th, 14th or 24th, this is the main precaution and the most simple.


    Haru haru number two : Korean custom, Avoid number 4



     Then, in Korean it’s possible that in some places like schools, library, shops, street, or even in privates homes that you won’t find a 4th, 14th, 24th (and so on) floor, room etc... Is these cases, two possibilities are possible the numbers with a 4 you will be replaced by 3A, 13A… or even more simple, it’s not replaced and you will simply don’t find anything, so you will passed  to floor 3, to floor 5 directly !  This is the case in hospitals and similar public buildings where the floor number 4 is almost always skipped.



    Haru haru number two : Korean custom, Avoid number 4  Haru haru number two : Korean custom, Avoid number 4 
    No room number 4, or 4th floor (here, in a Korean hospital)


     Finally, the elevator cases: in the first case where you don’t have a 4th floor, there will be no number (logical) as it is in the first picture. In the second case, you will find a “F” instead the 4 (for Four in English), as a substitution, you can see this on the second picture.


    Haru haru number two : Korean custom, Avoid number 4



    But I learn after some search on internet, that this superstition is not only in Korea, but also in China, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam and Malaysia

    I just hope not be cursed because of this article … 


    Photos : Wikipedia, curiositiesfromtheworld.blogspot.comgopkorea.blogs.comwww.aonghascrowe.com 

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