• South Korean Government


    South Korean Government


    The Government of Republic of Korea was founded in May 1948, when the two Korea decided to establish their own government, it’s there followed by the hold of the first democratic election in South Korea. This last allow to elect the 198 members of the National Assembly. Then in July 48, the first President of South Korea was elected (Rhee Syngman) and proclaimed, in August the Republic of Korea as a Democracy. South Korea adopted then, a Presidential system where the President is elected directly by the people and for five years, non-renewable.


    South Korean Government
    South Korean National Assembly


          The Government’s structure is defined by the Constitution of the Republic of Korea, which was created in 1948. The Korean Government is divided into a judicial, an executive and a legislative branches. The Executive power is exercised by the Government, the Legislative one is exercised by the Government too, and also by the National Assembly. The Judicial power is totally independent of the two others and concerned the Constitutional Court.

                In the South Korea’s Government there are 17 ministries such as Ministry of Education, of Justice, of Foreign Affairs, of National Defense, of Culture, of Gender Equality and Family and lot more…


                The current President of South Korea is Park Geun-Hye, who was elected in December 2012 (even if she started in February 2013). She is the 11th President of South Korean and especially the first women to be elected as a President in South Korean (and even in all the North-eastern Asia during the modern history). She belong to the Saenuri Party (NFP : New Frontier Party in English) which is a conservative party with a center-right to right-wing position.

                South Korea is a multi-party system, in which two parties are dominants: the NFP (see above) and the NPAD (New Politics Alliance for Democracy), which is a liberal party with a center to center-left position. 

     South Korean Government


    Pictures sources : Korea.net, Wikipedia 

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